The town of Supraśl honours Bromski with a ‘Henryk’
At a ceremony held on 6th December 2014, Jacek Bromski received a ‘Henryk’, an award presented each year by the Friends of Supraśl Society to a person who has enhanced the town's good name and spread its fame.
Bromski’s ‘Podlasie trilogy’, In Heaven as it is on Earth, God’s Little Garden and God's Little Village, set in the Eastern borderlands, was shot in Supraśl.

As he himself says, “We spent the best part of six months here. I had the opportunity of observing how it was changing, how it was developing but, at one and the same time, retaining its charm, its local colour, its atmosphere, its aura. An aura which the whole crew fell in love with, in fact”.

TVP Białystok, the Podlasie regional channel of Poland’s public broadcasting corporation, Telewizja Polska, comments on its website that “The trilogy, which was filmed here, is watched by audiences all over Poland, repeatedly in some cases, because the TV stations are very happy to keep on showing it. Hardly surprising, then, that it was he who received the Henryk. The panel’s reasoning was ‘for the cinematic preservation of the landscape of Supraśl’.”

At the ceremony, Bromski said, “I’m really delighted to have received this award. It’s given me the chance to come here again and visit the hold haunts after a fair few years.”

The ‘Henryk’ dates back to 1998. Tomasz Ołdytowski, the Chairman of the Friends of Supraśl Society explains the thinking behind it like this: “The award’s presented to people who spread the good word about Supraśl. That was the motto for the panel of judges, so as to give a boost to people who work for the good of Supraśl, who enhance its name and fame and, at the same time, thank people for what they’ve done so far”.

The award commemorates Henryk Ołdytowski, the society’s co-founder and its first chairman. Its holders include the President of the Republic of Poland in exile, Ryszard Kaczorowski, Wierszalin Theatre and photographer Wiktor Wołkow.

The quotations were retrieved from and translated into English for the purposes of this article.

Source: TVP Białystok (Telewizja Polska Białystok)

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