Bromski to make a thriller
“It’s going to be a kind of thriller set in a ‘man’s world’,” Jacek Bromski, the film’s writer and director announced. The central characters will be played by two well-known actors, Krzysztof Stroiński and Marcin Kowalczyk.
“I’m applying the thriller format to some reflections on the nature of society,” Bromski continued enigmatically about the film, Anatomy of Evil. “The main plot line involves the contract killing of a chief of police and the action’s played out in the contemporary world, in 2014.”

“Marcin Kowalczyk’s taking on the role of a young soldier who returns from a mission in Afghanistan and gets caught up in criminal machinations. And Krzysztof Stroiński’s playing a professional killer,” the author and director disclosed. Piotr Głowacki and Andrzej Seweryn will feature among the actors appearing in the other roles. Shooting, which will take place in Warsaw and Szczecin, with Michał Englert in charge of the cinematography, is set to begin on 24th June this year.

Jacek Bromski already has several crime films to his name; Kill Me, Cop, It’s Me, the Thief and Entanglement.
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